About us

My name is Katie. I'm 26. My partner is Chris, age 25.
We have a little boy called Charlie, age 21 months.

I've always loved to write. Scripts, stories & sketches since I was very young.

I studied Scriptwriting at The University of Central Lancashire.
I studied photography at A level.

I started this blog in February 2014 as an outlet to help me cope with SAD, and also because parenting blogs have helped me throughout my pregnancy and Charlie's life so far; so it's nice to give something back.

I love nature, photography, woodland, autumn, being outside.

I love all things gothic, but I love rainbows and colours too.

My main E-mail: kgreenwood87@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicOutlaw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadicalNature26
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/psychedelicoutl/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/radicalnature26

We live in Newcastle. I really love this place.

Me & Charlie

My full time job is to look after a cute & crazy little monkey-monster.
He's 20 months. He's amazing.

He's also the most hyperactive, excitable, lively, bubbly, free-spirited, curious toddler I've ever known. He loves life and he wants to explore everything there is; which means he needs supervision and stimulation pretty much constantly (when he's not asleep, which is most of the time!).

One of my favourite things is inventing new colourful, creative and adventurous ways for him to learn, play and discover. It's fun for me too if I'm honest, like being a big kid!

What I've discovered about being a parent is that not only is it as hard as it is amazing- it's made even harder when you're about as non-conventional as it gets.

For starters, Charlie has beautiful blonde curls that me & his daddy (and Charlie himself!) all love about him. We get some very unwelcome comments, and he's even been asked if he's gay before- I don't even know how that's supposed to work! But like I said - that's just for starters.

I love baby/toddler fashion! I love bright, bold colours, dungarees, converse, doc martens, stripes and stars. I shop in both the girls & boys sections. I'll be posting up loads of pictures of Charlie in some funky outfits and taking part in Trendy Tuesday Thursday.

I'm extremely passionate about child equality. A big lover & fan of organisations like Let Toys Be Toys, A Mighty Girl, and Pink Stinks.

I love seeing a little boy in pink & sparkles (Charlie loves fairy wings, wands and shiny things), and a little girl in a football shirt.


  1. You are totally a girl after my own heart. Thanks for getting involved with TT xxx

    1. Thank you! - and no problem, I love it! it's my favourite linky xx