Sunday, 23 February 2014

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Kick off

View from our seats

My current little camera isn't incredible, but in the above picture are the under-12's Newcastle girls team who are currently top of their league!
Get in there girls!
The girls are having half-time penalty shoot-outs with mascot Monty-Magpie.

Loved this! A little Aston Villa fan VS A little Geordie zorbing (yes, zorbing!) across the pitch at half time.

The Gallow-Gate - after fans said they'd be boycotting the game.
Best boycott I've ever seen!

I really, really hate the tacky plastic sports direct advertisements splattered all over our lovely St James Park. All because of our current owner, Mike Ashley.
He owns both sports direct and our club - I'm surprised he doesn't make fans get Sports Direct stamped on our foreheads before we're allowed in.

Highlights from the game: 
  1.  Coloccini was amazing.
  2. Mile Williamson was amazing.
  3. Our defending in general was really strong.
  4. The goal from Loic in stoppage time had the stadium ROCKING! - the atmosphere was on fire! God that feeling when we score is one of the best I could ever have.

All in all, despite the goal and the win, it was one of the most frustrating and boring games I've been to. 
We were quiet, as has become custom this season, and the away fans were much more lively and making digs at is - which is so embarrassing.

We need our atmosphere back.

To be fair, if everybody felt like I did then they were so tensed up with nerves about the chance that we were going to make it to 5 home games without scoring, that they just felt that they had nothing to sing about.

I saw some damn good football from Remy, our new striker De Jong, and our young left back Dummett - who is surprisingly good at crossing!

I am so relieved that we finally scored and won a game. Confidence for the players and us fans.

The next home game is against Crystal Palace and this is on Chris's birthday - the 22nd of March. So I need to remember to get his Birthday announcement e-mailed off whilst I remember!
 I think the atmosphere will be more relaxed and excited next game now we have something to feel good about.

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