Monday, 24 February 2014

The Secret Garden bath bomb (Mothers day 2014)

One of my favorite films ever. 

Secret Garden bath bomb from Lush 2014

I'm not your typical hearts-diamonds-roses type of female, and usually I'm not into floral scents -but I LOVE this bath bomb. This is the beautiful smell of spring in a bath!

It smells sooo fresh. Like daffodils and morning dew on the grass, and goes on to release smells of wild flowers; as well as actual flower petals.

You get a psychedelic display of green, yellow and frothy pink and eventually a beautiful shade of deep green (my favourite colour) with little flower buds of red, yellow and purple.
You can imagine you're in a secret garden, in a beautiful little pond surrounded by wild flowers.

 I loved this! I'll be getting more!

Beautiful psychedelic display of pink, green and white - and then yellow!


 I love the natural garden green colour.

 Petals & buds.

 Petals float around you in the bath :)

Love it. 8/10.

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