Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pizza Smiley faces!

This is something I've wanted to do for ages. I know Charlie is still a bit young but he loves to explore things & I thought he might enjoy feeling the textures of the toppings and watching us create a face for him.

Found this in asda. "Chosen by kids" cooking sauce - been looking for something
like this for ages!

Spaghetti cheese strings - these definitely didn't exist when I was a kid!

I would have rather made my own but went for the simple option to save a bit of time.. (always trying to save time!)
I set little bowls out of
Childrens cooking sauce
Red pepper

Cherry tomatoes
Cheese string spaghetti
Charlie came running in and started looking at and feeling everything!
Putting on his sauce
(Excuse the gaping hole in our kitchen -
our dryer used to be there before it broke down!)

Sprinkling cheese

He liked the cheese strings!
Cheese string hair
He liked it when his pizza suddenly had a face!

Charlie's creation!

Taste test: Mmmmmmmm! A hit!
Mammy and daddy's crazy pizzas!

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