Friday, 28 February 2014

Wonder Woohoo Lush Mother's Day bubble bar.

Wonder Woohoo!

Wonder woohoo £3.95

Inspired by Wonder Woman, imitating her gold crown.
That's WW - the lesser known of the Fictional Super Heros.

Why do we know less about her and in-your-face everything about Batman, Superman, Spiderman? Because she's a woman. And a fiesty, powerful, strong, intelligent woman who saves people - saves men! Which obviously means she gives out the wrong message to our kids about women. Women in today's society should all be submissive little housewives who stay looking pretty and bringing up the babies.

You think I'm wrong? Go and look at the toys/products advertised to girls from birth to age 15. And the girly styled clothes in relation to the angry "action hero" boy styles.

When I have more of that gold dust I call 'spare time' I'm going to sit down and study more about WW. The other day I found out about this picture book that I want to get for Charlie:

It's a WW picture book for kids! I'm impressed. I'm not impressed about how well hidden it is however. I found it via The fantastic "A Mighty Girl" website. I don't have a daughter (yet!) but I love this website, and I think it's just as important that Charlie and any other son I might have, grow up with the correct message about girls and women. There's no chance he's learning about spiderman & co without learning about Wonder Woman too..

I digress. Probably because talking about Wonder Woman is more exciting than the bath I got from this bubble bar. It was literally "okay". It smelled really nice in solid form and the idea of the mimosa absolute (which I love!), sandalwood oil and Brazillian orange oil sounds like heaven to me - but I used half the bar and the smell just evaporated into the air.  No staying power whatsoever.

I tried to smell the bubbles and was literally snorting them trying to smell the scent (I don't recommend doing this!)... so felt pretty deflated on the scent scale.

I did get looooads of fluffy bubbles but I'd expect that from half a bubble bar from Lush! The water was a cloudy greyish colour, no sparkles so, you know, it was okay! Karma bubble bar is a million times better, sunny side beats this hands down, and even pop in the bath is better because the smell stays throughout the bath!

I cut a quarter to begin with but then eventually ended up putting half in.



The water was like a dirty grey colour with specks of glitter - not particularly appealing!

Really nice fluffy bubbles though!


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