Saturday, 1 March 2014

Feeding the ducks and sand play

Charlie is loving the park more and more. The last time we took bread to fed the ducks he was about 12 months, and he just kind of stared at them with a blank expression.
Now he recognises them and knows what noise they make, and he was jumping up and down grinning with excitement when he saw them. We gave him pieces of bread which he kind of threw at them, rather than for them - but they didn't mind!
He squealed with excitement when they ate his bread and asked for more to throw.
He was, as usual very, very hyperactive, trying to run rather than walk - making it extremely difficult to steer him and keep him upright whilst he's on his reins.


Charlie and other toddlers


We saw lots of other children Charlie's age toddling along delicately whilst on their reins, makes me wonder just what it is that makes Charlie so hyperactive and strong - diet, genetics, just how he is?

I love his thirst for life and his urge to explore, but for his age - (and people would say he's just a typical "boy") his strength literally amazes me sometimes. He can carry heavy objects (like sacks of cat litter!) and when he got to the sandpit he ran through it and (not purposely) knocked the other toddlers over. He absolutely loves the other children though, especially when he sees them running about and laughing and I love watching him try and join in.

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