Friday, 28 February 2014

Sensory play -Glitter bottles.

Charlie has a big obsession with bottles! I think it all stared because me and Chris switched from glasses to bottles for drinking water (for obvious reasons) and Charlie was always fascinated with them, picking them up, shaking them, watching the water.

So this is a cheap and easy way to help amuse him and also educate him. I saved some bottles up, and then added some other things like glitter, glitter glue, beads and pom pom balls.

Now he's older they hold more educational value. He's moved on from just saying the words "water" and "bottle" and now knows "glitter in the bottle". The different coloured bottles make for an interesting way to learn his colours. He likes shaking the bottles and watching them and saying the colour as he watches it fill and swirl with glitter. He also likes to line them up and count them.

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