Friday, 21 March 2014

Some of my favourite things found in Charlie's room

Yesterday I fiiiiinally had a spare few hours to start making Charlie's room look more like a child's bedroom, and less like a toddler squats there.

Bit of background info on our living arrangements (optional)...

Me and Chris met at uni, I loved his Geordie accent and he liked my weirdness, he serenaded me with his guitar and taught me about Geordie football, and gave me a tour of Newcastle... we "fell in love" and all that jazz, and decided we'd live in Newcastle. We moved into moudly, damp, shower-less, depressing rented accommodation. They don't hand mortgages to people like us. Then I got pregnant, and no way was my baby living in a place like that.

We then moved into a nicer flat. With an actual shower. But again we had huge damp and mold problems. And the freezer and washer was outside in an outhouse. Nightmare in the winter

Luckily we then landed a proper three-bedroom house in a lovely area with a back garden. This was due to this house being in Chris's family for about 100 years. His Great-Grandma lived here all her life, and his Grandma gave birth to both his dad and his uncle in this house, which is a little bit creepy, but still, it makes the house more special, and now it currently contains the next two generations of his family. I like that.

So, due to the absolute uber-stress of moving house (again), equipped with a baby who had since transformed into a "Grab! Throw! Screech! Climb! Eat! Put in the bin! Whack the cat!" charming toddler, and the fact that he seemed to have half the ELC packed into boxes, AND on top of that Chris having been made redundant, I'm going to be honest, I haven't had the time or the money to start personalising our house. Most of the rooms just look sad and bare. But when you've a very limited income, you need to concentrate on making sure you're all fed, rather than paint and shelves and ornaments, as boring as it is.

Anyway, yesterday it was Chris's mams birthday, and she got the day off work, and wanted Charlie for the day, so I had the chance to properly sort his room out a bit. He has so many lovely things bought by us and the rest of his very generous  family. He's a very lucky little boy.

 1. A little Wooden Charlie bought by mammy & daddy from one of the amazing gift shops in York.
 2. Sage the Enchanted Elf. I just love him. He looks like a mythical creature from the woods.
 3. A purple owl money box, bought after daddy smashed Rainbow Pig. Charlie's favourite animal is an owl.
 4. Wall stickers on his bookcase. This worked so well!
 5. Giggles the Money from Charlie Bears. Bought from a gift shop in the Lake District.
 6. Snow Leopard from Charlie Bears; Grandma & Grandads first present to Charlie when he was born.

1. A Snow White poster - just because I love the story & the colours.
2. A little blue toddler arm char & stool bought from Home Bargains
3. The paint sample smudgeI want to paint Charlie's room. "Wizard purple" ! :
4. Lovely toddler mahogany hanging rail bought from Izziwotnot from Amazon.

1. A huuuuge monkey and monkey baby I saw in Asda and had to have!
2. A gorgeous glowing moon lamp that tells Charlie it's bedtime, from Ikea.
3. Broc the broccoli head! He just rocks. From Ikea.
4. A proper African Djembe drum bought from Amazon for Charlie's 1st Birthday. He can reach it now, yay.

1.An owl peg hanger for the back of his door when we get around to fixing it up.
2. A personalised towel from when he was born.
3. His pink and purple owl dressing gown.
4. A "MammyDaddy" photo which he likes to play with - good nappy change distraction!

1. A sensory basket, which he still loves, he can say the names of things now.
2. 'ByCarla' matching changing mat and sleeping bag - such amazing quality & bright colours.
3. Turtle star projector bought from Amazon. Really soothing.
4. "Gro anywhere" Black out blind'- life saver!

 Colourful duvet bought from Amazon "Sleep Tight" & Jungle cot bumper from Amazon "Breathable baby".

It's still way way way too plain, but at least it's looking more like a toddlers room now!
Next stage: Painting and making bunting! :)

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