Sunday, 23 March 2014

The week that was captured.

 It was St.Patrick's day so we did some Green pepper printing and made a big fruit rainbow, with whipped cream clouds and a pot of gold.

I made a mixed fruit crumble for two reasons a) I had a ton of fruit left from the fruit rainbow and b) It was a sneaky way to get texture-fussy Charlie to eat some fruit! 

We tried a new 'buffet' style meal. The quavers & cheese crackers were a big hit, which wasn't the idea. I have a very food-fussy toddler at the moment!

Trendy Thursday - no explanation needed.

 We visited the Discovery Museum in Newcastle where we all got absolutely soaked!

 It was Daddy's 25th birthday! We painted a card, with hand-prints inside, and then Mammy & Daddy went to the football where we won the game. Mammy had her first alcoholic drink of the year, and felt very light headed afterwards!

We went on a lush spring walk up to Cleadon Hills. It was gorgeous!

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  1. Green pepper printing is genius! I love the outfit on Thursday, So cool! x

  2. Yay for the trendy toddler! Those "chef" leggings are doing the rounds at the moment ;) Sounds like a fun week!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx