Saturday, 8 March 2014

Etsy toddler clothes mini haul!

I have just discovered Etsy. *nervous laughter*. I spent hours and hours browsing the organic cotton toddler leggings and woodland toddler themed clothes. WOW. I'm in my element! I love this stuff. This culminated in me spending just short of 50 quid on two items. Yeah, two... we're not that well off either. Chris is going to go ever so slightly a bit crazy when he sees the account balance.... I had to have these before they were gone though, I am so in love with them. I'll calm down with my toddler fashion addiction now... maybe...

I witted about 20 pairs down to these! Look at them! Hand made organic cotton LUSH coloured *green* (I love green) tree leggings... oh my god. I adore these. l want some for me! 

I LOVE anything woodland - and this print has so many bright and bold things that I love. Foxes, leaves, trees, cherries, flowers, and I love the beige background, it just works so well. I love the autumn colours.

I messaged the seller and gave Charlies measurements and she just had enough material left for his size! I cheered. I'm not ashamed. Look at it! It's just lush.

I've never bought Charlie a necktie either... I just can't wait to pair this with little autumn shaded shirts and vests for summer, maybe a little red or brown trilby hat too. I'm praying that it'll still him in autumn!

I'll do a proper blog with Charlie modelling them & the links etc when they arrive. I'm just a bit over excited that I found Etsy and all the incredible toddler clothes on there!

Bit nervous about looking at our bank account. I really better stop buying things online for a few days!

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