Thursday, 13 March 2014

Trendy Thursday

My favourite new item of clothing for Charlie this week is by far his little spotty wellies! Now he can paddle in the sea, in streams & the edges of rivers - and he loves it!

Red & white striped cotton trousers - Olive & Moss.
Red cord trousers - John Lewis.
Smile Bright wellies - via Ebay.
Long sleeve Fox jumper (I love it!) - Toby Tiger.

Burgundy skinny jeans - Peacocks
Star romper from Molokids

Moose top - Little Green Radicals
Faded dungarees - Next
Slugs & Snails tights (I know I put these here last time but I really love them!)

I also love these socks from H&M kids - it's so hard to find coloured socks for kids in shops! (There's an orange pair that say "Rabbitday" too but Charlie got them wet!)

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  1. He looks amazing! Adore all the outfits & those wellies are amazing! X

    1. Thank you! I know I had to look online to find some that weren't all spiderman and navy blue! xx

  2. I love that fox jumper as well!! We have some major fox love going on in our house at the moment with a fox pram and blankets for the youngest ones :) high five for the slugs & snails, my youngest boy spends most days in his!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?I looove woodland animal print! He's just grown out of a gorgeous owl jumper that I've put away for baby#2. I'm off onto your blog now to see if you've posted some of this Fox stuff! - and I know, I'm just waiting until I can afford another pair, I love the little green owl ones xx