Sunday, 9 March 2014

Orange play slime

I originally bought borax to make flubbery judder jelly - but when it arrived, there were warnings written all over it "AVOID EXPOSURE"--avoid exposure?!... .. so, since mine & Charlie's radiation suits are at the dry cleaners, I substituted borax for 100g of corn flour.

I mixed half a cup of baby shampoo & a few drops of food colouring together, then added it to the full bowl of cornflour.

I TOTALLY overdid it with the water. I poured a whole cup in when I should have been table-spooning it in slowly. Big oops. However, I got quite an interesting orange goo! It smelled SO good because of the baby shampoo. Like Charlie smells after a bath. One of the best smells ever - that lovely fresh, clean baby smell.

I was also pretty fascinated with the consistency. It was like dry and rubbery on it's own, but when picked up it 'magically' turned to goo! My inner child was pretty thrilled about that. Charlie,  not yet two years old, was extremely cautious of it. He looked at his tuff tray and said 'Oh dear' like something had been spilled in it. He enjoyed watching me pick it up and seeing it slime off my fingers and he touched it and had a little squeal and a smile.

I do think this is an activity that an older child would enjoy. I'll be trying it with a larger batch when Charlie's over two in three months. I think he'd enjoy some playdough or sand more at the moment.

(Please note - those are his 'messy clothes' I'd never dress him like that in public!)

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