Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What we did on St Patrick's day.

I'll admit... I've never been to Ireland. I'm seriously ashamed about it because I've wanted to go for years and years. I've had Irish friends (in the past), I love Irish music (I love this film), and I don't know what it is about the Irish accent... but wow. I've wanted to visit the Giants Causeway since I can remember. It's the one place I really want to visit. We were saving up to go right before I fell pregnant with Charlie, so obviously that cash went on exciting baby stuff! .. one day, one day...

I always try to celebrate St.Patrick's Day in some sort of way. I'm not a big drinker and I don't like Guinness anyway - (I like Baileys, but at 15 quid a bottle that's usually a Christmas treat!) It usually involves green stuff! (my favourite colour) and this year, Charlie was old enough to be involved in the fun.

The first activity I prepared was something I discovered on pinterest - shamrock printing! All you need is a pepper chopped in half, and some green paint. I love how people discover this stuff!

Excuse the terrible quality of the pictures - still getting used to my new mobile's camera!

I enjoyed this more than Charlie. As with our other messy "Tuff tray" activities he was very reluctant to get dirty. I'm wondering if it's a phase he's going through, but at the moment he doesn't want to touch anything slimy or dirty, so messy play is taking a back seat at the moment. Our Easter activities will be "clean" ones!

Another idea I got from Pinterest was a fruit rainbow. I love fruit and I love colour, so this was an obvious choice.

Whipped cream clouds and gold coins :)
Mini fruit-rainbow for snack time.

Charlie wouldn't touch the soft textured fruit & only ate the grapes. He did say the names of the fruit and their colours though.
Daddy then played us some Irish songs including 'Dirty old town' and 'Whiskey in the jar' on his guitar. I'm loving how Charlie is constantly singing little bits of songs he knows & 'helping' daddy play his guitar!

The experiment to make vegetarian rice krispie shapes with fluff instead of marsh mellows epically failed. Although they tasted nice, they crumbled with a slight touch, not that Charlie minded. They were actually green too, not the strange, unappealing yellowy hue my phone makes them look!

We'll have to re-think this for next year, probably go with green cookies instead!
We attempted a couple of Irish drinks with cream soda, ice cream and green food dye, but...to be absolutely honest, it ended up a huge creamy vanillary headache!

We ended up having appletiser instead!- not exactly Irish, but is very yummy!

All in all, it was a fun, (if a bit exhausting) day! :)

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