Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A couple of Charlie's favourite books

A couple of lovely little children's books for toddlers.
"Wow said the owl" by Tim Hopgood.

 I'm a huge lover of bright, bold colours and woodland animals so this book caught my attention immediately.

The main reason we bought it (from Waterstones) was because Charlie loves Owls and we wanted to get him an Owl book. Flicking through this in the shop though, I couldn't believe how gorgeous the illustrations were, and just how much colour is packed into this little book.

Each page is flooded with different colours. The illustrations remind me a bit of Eric Carle, which can only be a good thing!

In a beautifully simplistic, colourful way, we learn about:
  • Weather
  • Night and day: The sun and the moon.
  • That owls sleep at night
  • That the sun lights up the sky during the day
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • How rainbows are made
  • Colours and natural colours in nature.
 This book is also hard back, an obvious bonus when you have a little rough & tumble monkey! I have no fear of letting him toddle around with this book by himself. It's also small in size so is brilliant for packing into his changing bag.

Love the little colour activity at the end too

Little Bear's ABC and 123.

This was a present from Charlie's Grandma & Grandad for Christmas. For a lot of us parents, it'll be a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Little Bear and Old bear who live in an attic. I absolutely loved them to bits when I was little, so of course I want to introduce them to Charlie so he can enjoy them too.

The main reason I love this book is the beautiful illustrations, also by the talented Jane Hissey, they're in a league of their own.  Charlie is too little for the Old Bear stories, so this book is perfect for introducing him to the characters, as well as helping him learn his letters and numbers.

What I also like about this particular letter & numbers book is that it includes bother upper case and lower case letters, and the numbers both in letter form and numerical form.

It also includes the sounds letters can make when put together "Sh, Th, Ch".

In this book we learn:

  • The alphabet; from A to Z. There is one simple sentence involving an Old bear character, including words beginning with the relevant letter, under a beautifully illustrated picture. (E.g.  R is for run, Rabbit is running in a race).

  • To count from 1 to 10. There are two pages per one number. One page has a word with the number in numerical form, and the other page has a sentence with the number spelled out (E.g "6 candles" - and then "Little Bear and Ruff Ruff have six bouncy balls)
     with beautifully illustrated pictures, where you can count each item.

  • The lovely characters of Old Bear.

  • Lots of talking opportunities. E.g "What can we see" on each picture (there are lots!).

  • The sounds that letters can make when put together (E.g Sh is for Shadows. Little Bear is showing Rabbit his shadow picture on the wall).


Again there's fun little activities at the end.
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