Saturday, 5 April 2014

Colour play: Week 1: Yellow.

I sincerely apologise for the quality of photos . My Nikon broke (again) so had to use my phone.
I know I dress all dark and gothic, but I actually really love colour.
Charlie's doing well with his, he recognises pink, (sometimes red) and orange straight away, but struggles with others.

So I decided to focus on one colour a week.

Every day this week we highlighted the colour yellow.

1. On Monday we went to the park and explored the yellow sunflowers
2. We came back and painted them (breakthrough with messy play, yay!)
3. On Tuesday we planted some yellow sunflowers in little pots.
4.  On Wednesday we went to the park again and found some different yellow flowers.

1. Snack time: Yellow banana crisps.
2. Yellow beads on the abacus
3. He (eventually) found the yellow key on his xylophone!
4. We matched a yellow lemon to the lemon in his colour book.


                                                           "Yeh-whoa yeh-wan" (Cuuute!)
(Funky punky yellow bandana)

My new little painter!
This is really good fun now that Charlie loves painting.
We painted one yellow coloured object a day.

1. Monday: Yellow banana
2. Tuesday: Yellow chick
(Apologies for my appalling drawing - at least Charlie could somehow tell what they were!)

1. Thursday: Yellow sun
2. Friday: Yellow duckling (daddy's efforts!)

I was dead set on making some yellow coloured rice - but life got in the way a bit. So instead I'm going to make different bags of one colour (for each colour week) and a bag of rainbow rice for him to have some rainbow play with.

We also attempted a yellow dinosaur swamp... but it went green - which is kind of more realistic I suppose! I'm going to do a separate post on that because it was a great activity.

Charlie has actually started saying 'Yeh-whoa' now, which is more than he was doing before so I'm going to deem this colour-week-idea-thing successful! Go me! And go Charlie! :).

Bring on Green week next week! :)

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