Thursday, 3 April 2014

Trendy Thursday - musical theme!

We're a very musical family, so I've always loved Charle in little band T-shirts, and can usually find them in H&M kids and Next.
In the boys section.

Charlie's growing up around mammy & daddy's music which is a crazy and delightful mixture of rock, reggae, a bit of metal; rock n roll, rockabilly, blues, folk & country- which I think he might like judging by his jumping around and grinning when it comes on!

Like most toddlers, he loves anything he can use to create music (aka: loud noise), his xlyophone, his maracas and bells, his djembe drum, and daddy's ukelele & guitars!

I apologise for the quality of these pictures; my Nikon has broken. Again. And for good this time. So most of these are taken on my phone, and the camera isn't as great as it promised to be in all the adverts.
That's the last time I buy a Nikon, it's the 3rd to completely break in just a few months.

The Rolling Stones & Led Zepp tee's are both from Next; the guitar romper is from F&F at Tesco (amazing quality material too), and AC/DC top is from H&M kids. All in the boys section - which seriously...just rawr!

Bob Marley bodysuit. I love this. I bought this from Download Festival in 2010 or something, before I even had kids, for when I had kids! It doesn't specify the size but I think it's 12-18, and still fits Charlie now at 21 months, woohoo.                                   

His rolling stones "tracksuit" (I hate calling it that but I suppose that's what it is!) was bought from George at Asda. I was scanning the clothes for something decent and these were all hidden at the back behind a load of fake burbery print or something, it's brilliant for rough and tumble play, or .. I was going to say a slouchy duvet rainy day but they don't exist with a nearly-two-year-old!


I'm been going crazy buying Charlie summer stuff, and I'm currently saving up for a couple of summer rompers from idikidual - my new favourite baby clothes!

I'm currently SO in love with this: I will have it before the summer!

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  1. I'm so sorry that I've been slow commenting - I absolutely love all of these outfits! He's such a cool dude.

    I'm with you on that banana playsuit, it's awesome! x