Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lush - The Golden Egg Easter bath bomb 2014 review.

Golden Egg bath bomb/melt

I think this is a marmite bath bomb. I absolutely hated this. I'm not a huge fan of the Honey I Washed the Kids scent, but in solid form this Golden Egg has another smell; - creamy vanilla mixed with honey and orange - seriously INCREDIBLE smell in solid form. I'm also not a huge fan of gold glitter (If there has to be glitter I'd always choose silver) but I was hoping this would be like sunnyside bubble bar, and give the water a plasmary ripply glittery effect.

I took this picture a few weeks ago of my sunnyside mixed with Big Blue bath bomb:
Clouds of gold swirl around the bath - it's amazing!
But Golden Egg doesn't do that. 
Firstly, when dissolved it smells 1000% like HIWTK. Secondly, if you like glitter then this looks like a sack of gold glitter has been emptied into your tub!.. just hoards of glitter. Thirdly, the water is that queasy shade of yellow. Fourthly the water didn't feel smooth and silky like you get with Big Blue, Avo, or Sex Bomb - the water felt (and looked) like it'd had olive oil poured into it. I also came out feeling dry and itchy and emptied half a bottle of moisturiser. The amount of glitter in my tub after was insane - I wouldn't have minded as much if I'd have loved the bomb - but I really, really didn't in the end.

Melts away in the water - gives off hoards of glitter

And foamy white stuff...

Lots of it!


Yellow water with gold glitter

My bath tub afterwards..!!

Not good.

I tried to take a picture of how much my
stomach was glittering but just got a nice picture
of my lovely little phoenix tattoo!
(Ignore the flabby belly I'm trying to tone - honest!)
 I 'll get round to doing a tattoo blog soon.

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