Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Potty training Day 1

Charlie is still a bit little at 20 months, but my mum advised I get a potty and try getting him used to sitting on it.

This is what happened:

He thought it was a hat. He also thought it made a great container for his little wooden bricks.

So plan B: Bring in Pirate Pete!
This  book is really great - as are the rest in the range such as "Pirate Pete -I'm a new Big Brother"

Daddy read the book whilst showing Charlie his own potty, just like Pirate Pete's.

Then he had a go at sitting on it, just in his nappy - he wasn't impressed!

Progress so far

Charlie now knows what his potty is called.
He likes the Pirate Pete's potty book, probably just for the cheer button at the moment!
He is however...still trying to use it as a hat... so we're going to have to work on that!
Going to have another go in a couple of days.

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