Saturday, 15 March 2014

Baby bot - Lush's bath bomb for babies.

With a mammy crazy for Lush, Charlie had Ickle Baby Bot as soon as he was over 1. The recommended age is from six months, but I'm not sure if I'd risk it on a smaller baby. But that's just me and my lovely obsession with using everything with the word 'mild' and 'for sensitive skin' on it when it comes to babies. I loved the Burts Bee's shower gel though when he was younger.

Burts Bee's stuff would be great for mothers day actually.. hmm...

Anyway, this is gorgeous. The smell is divine. Trust me, if it was crap, I'd tell you. I never liked the smell of lavender (conventionally, I thought it was an old lady smell) but since I've sniffed Twilight & Baby Bot my opinion has totally changed and I adore lavender. It reminds me of fantasy woodlands, the outdoors, safety and comfort.

This smells like lavender sherbert, if you can try and imagine that! Subtle and soft, there's plenty of fragrance there, but that delicate fragrance, like Fairy Fabric powder and Baby Comfort softener do when combined, it has that 'soft baby smell' that just hooks you. Well, it does me. I remember the summer Charlie was born, standing outside at the washing line & sniffing all of his little baby grows one by one - what an addictive smell!

 It fizzes a gorgeous milky blue colour in the water and releases it's fragrance. I only used half here and the smell filled the bathroom. The water changed to a very pale blue. 
Lovely fresh colour for bathing in. I think anyway.

As you can see - Charlie wasn't bothered by it - nor was he relaxed! But I wouldn't expect 10 baby bots & his own lullaby orchestra to relax him.

Charlie has a few dry patches of skin, mainly on the tops of his legs and on his face, and they were noticeably smoother after using Baby Bot. His skin was glowing the next day.

For this bath I only used half of it, but for the next one I'll use the whole thing so Charlie can be properly moisturised. He smelled soooo good afterwards too! :)

Ickle Baby Bot from Lush - absolute bargain at 1.95! I think I'll get myself a couple next time I'm in there for a lovely night time relaxing bath!

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