Saturday, 15 March 2014

Inhale/Exhale bath bomb from Lush (Easter 2014 range)

This bath bomb smells VERY strong. It reminds me of loose leaf lapsang tea, where the tea leaves are dried over pinewood fires, making for an uber-smokey taste. A seriously intense blast of woody thick smoke in a mug. That is this, in a bath bomb.

Smoke smoke smoke.

The exhale is meant to be fruity, but the inhale just steals the stage. It's so overbearing.

Definitely a marmite bath bomb. You will love or you will loathe.

It kind of looks... a bit, like a blue squid exploded in the bath and it's guts came fizzing out...
To be completely honest (as one should be when reviewing on ones blog) I wish I'd not spent as much on these new Lush products, because I've been really disappointed.

I hated Golden Egg & Wonder Woohoo. Golden egg left me feeling dry and itchy and the smell was purely It's Raining Men - without any creamy mango that I could smell in solid form. And I couldn't smell Wonder Woohoo at all. Both left my bath water coloured with yellows and greys. Not very appealing to somebody who loves bold colours.

I was unimpressed with Brightside bubble bar - although pairing it with Think Pink bath bomb made for a gorgeous orangey/creamy extremely moisturising bath! Lovely sun-setty colours too. I think I'd get another of both just to do this again!

Now this. Inhale/Exhale bath bomb. There really isn't much I can say about it. Which is never a positive thing. It smelled interesting in solid form, I love the non-girly scents and this was very unusual but seriously, it just smelled like something burnt out- and I don't know if there's a problem with my nose or what but in the bath I could hardly smell anything once it'd fizzed.

The colours were like that of Twilight bath bomb, and you're left with a dirtyish purply colour and a sort of smoky musky scent. It's really subtle, which it probably has to be. But I couldn't smell the fruit. And I don't want to bathe in a bath of burnt coals. I like strong scents - Lord of Misrule, Karma, Big Blue & Twilight are out of this world in quality & scent and nothing I've tried from the Easter & Mothers day range compares to that sort of quality.

My favourites from the new 2014 ranges are by far are the Secret Garden bath bomb, and the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar. I know there are other "Egg" bath bombs but I'm not paying 7 quid for a bath bomb. No way. Not even if I could afford it.

So... that's it from my stash of the new Lush products - and my very honest reviews!

I've been told that if I'm a good mammy, I might get a bubble wand for Mothers Day and a piece of the carrot soap (which smells INCREDIBLE in the shop!), so I'll review them as and when.

Thank You for reading. You're all gorgeous.

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