Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Booked our second family holiday! :)

My SD card reader has broken so I can't upload any of my pictures, and I've just had horrendous dental treatment with about seven injections of anesthetic in my face, and 5 fillings....
I'm sulking.

So to cheer myself up I'm going to write a boring blog post on the little holiday we have booked with far too much text & not enough pictures!

On the 30th of June this year, we'll be traveling by train to the little Scottish village & harbor of Eyemouth.

This is going to be a really special trip because we''ll be traveling on the actual day of Charlie's 2nd Birthday.

I know he won't know it'll be his birthday, but we're hoping it'll be like one big adventure to him, (he loves trains and buses!)

It's quite overwhelming to think that he'll have changed so much by the summer. In the last seven months he's learned to walk, run, communicate clear words, as well as put them together to form sentences ("Oh dear, where's it gone?", "I see mammy and daddy") learned his plurals, if he has one bottle and I give him another he'll say "Two bottles". He's also learned to count to 10, learned at least 8 colours, loads of animals - and so much more! In another 3 months he's going to be talking in longer sentences and know so much more! Blows my mind to think how different he'll be! I'm so proud of the amazing way he absorbs information, as well as how experimental, curious and adventurous he is.

He loves life and it's so contagious! Makes me so happy and proud to look at him and think "That's my little boy" :).

So, on his birthday we're going to let him open his presents, do all the extended family stuff, have his cake (that I'm going to attempt AGAIN to bake)etc  the day before & then have his holiday adventure the next day.

I have no desire whatsoever to take Charlie abroad when we have such a beautiful country here to explore! I want to explore more of Scotland, Wales , The peaks, and the gorgeous Lake District.  We're so close to Northumberland too and that's just lush.

I love peaceful places. We can get chips and sit and look at the boats, do some crab catching (one at a time and then putting them back afterwards of course) and there's a lovely sandy beach he can dig in, paddle in the sea, and explore the rock pools. The actual caravan park has kids entertainment for his age and a swimming pool - so hoping he'll meet a few friends too.

Got to remember to book a boat trip here:

We're only going for 4 days, I think any more than that is pushing it with a toddler. We're also hoping to take him to the beautiful Peak District for a couple of days this year- Buxton! One of mine and Chris's special places that we discovered before we had Charlie, it's such a beautiful place and we always said we'd take our children.

I'm really excited! :D

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