Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Trip to the park with my little boy and his dolls pram

Like a lot toddlers, since he learned that he could walk, Charlie has always loved things that he can push along the floor.

In toy shops or toddler groups he makes a bee line for the prams and whizzes around with them, eyes wide and squealing with delight. We decided for Christmas we'd get him one of his own.

I swear, trying to find a toy pram that's not all "stereotypically girl" in that candyfloss cloud world of florally-delicate-fluffy-love-hearts is almost impossible - not that I'm against him having pink things, his walker was pink, because at the time he didn't have many pink toys (I'm really not a fan of the colour but Charlie likes it) but I wanted a nice bright, bold coloured pram... so I did what I do best - I Ebayed!

I never thought I'd be able to get Charlie the exact same model of dolls pram that I had when I was his age (Playskool "Lil Miss" Ladybird pram) - Not a speck of pink! Not a love heart in sight!- they're now a collectors item, so they're all over Ebay, and after a bit of a bidding war, I finally won one!

I love everything about it, the durability (this one has been around since the 70's) the height of the handle, and most of all obviously- the colours! Green, yellow and red - beautifully bright and bold, and it's meant for girls!... just shows how things have changed...

Charlie was so happy and excited when he saw that his pram (and his giraffe & Raa Raa the lion) had come with him to the park, and had the time of his life pushing them around! That's all that mattered at that moment in time, not a single dirty look at a little boy pushing a pram like his daddy bothered me... his little smiling face made me so happy to see :).


  1. Awesome!

    Love it even more because it's an old design! Ethan has a cheapie pink & blue toy buggy that he wanted when we were in the charity shop once. It was £1 and he pushed it all the way home. He still loves it now. One time he wanted to push it to our local Tesco and some stupid man yelled "gay" at him... ridiculous!

  2. A man yelled gay at a little boy?! Some people don't do deep-thinking do they? They should ask themselves why they don't feel the need to yell "gay" at dads that push their real life babies in a pram. I'm expecting the same treatment any day now too. At the moment Charlie just gets called a girl. Two people on the bus today "Aww is she singing? Aww her hair is lovely!"