Thursday, 6 March 2014

Trendy Thursday

Pic 1: AC/DC tshirt: H&M kids ~ Denim Shirt H&M kids.

Pic 2: Rockin' his pink "Smile" PJ's from George at Asda. He loves pink!

Pic 3: Moose long sleeve top by Little Green Radicals ~ chess pants by H&M kids ~bandana bibs are by Primark about £3 for a pack of 3.

Pic 4: Jacket by Ladybird, tights by Slugs & Snails, boots by Timberland.

My favourite new purchase this week - clothing or otherwise- by far is Charlie's new pair of autumn style Slugs & Snails tights for girls & boys.

I wish I'd found out about Slugs & Snails earlier because Charlie's socks go missing every single day (drives mammy crazy!) and I love him in little jeans & tops, but they get boring, and the style so samey. I LOVE how easily he can move in his tights and how colourful they are - I'll be buying more of these, they're adorable.


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaa!! He's amazing! I love him! You've styled him so well. We're big fans of tights on boys as well. They are so much more snug and practical than socks. That particular pattern is lovely, I have been thinking of buying them! x

  2. Thank you! You're boys are styled amazingly too. it's great to get a compliment and not just the "Tights... where's his skirt?!" stuff I'm used to! I love anything autumn/woodland related so I had to have them! I love the green owl ones too!

  3. So cute! Love the little smile and tights are so warm and cosy :-)