Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Quick healthy spaghetti lunch & Quorn chicken korma tea!

Dry Soya mince - Cheap & healthy: Protein 14.9g--Fibre 4.3g
Red split lentils: Protein 6.4g--Vitamin C 5%--Iron37%--Calcium 4%
Milled flax seed: Rich in omega 3
Spagetti: Fibre & Iron

Due to not eating meat, Charlie has lentils a lot, one serving of red lentils is comparable to one serving of meat, but is healthier. They're also full of vitamins and minerals.

Similarly with the super flax seed which he has every single day due to the incredibly rich content of Omega 3 - which non-veggie babies get from fish.

Charlie usually has other things added to this such as avocado, scrambled egg, cheese and tofu (but we'd run out of it all!) - but this is probably healthy enough on it's own! He has this as a lunch all the time and loves it!

Quorn Chicken Korma

Kids Korma sauce (asda) (Yes I cheat and use sauces sometimes!)
Quorn chicken pieces - lots of protein.
Plain Tofu - lots of calcium, protein and magnesium.
Cashew nuts - Protein, Vitamin K,

good source of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper and Manganese.
Lemon juice
Mixed herbs
Smoked paprika
Pilau Rice
(I also had suede, carrot & an avocado)
Vitamins A, K, Calcium & iron.
Use olive oil and add small chunks of:

Quorn chicken
Squirt in some lemon juice
Add smoked paprika

Crush some cashewnuts with a spoon - sprinkle them in.

Add the rice and mixture to a toddler plate!
It had the Charlie stamp of approval!

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