Sunday, 2 March 2014

Things I want to do in the next few days:

We're pretty skint at the moment so I'm trying to come up with lots of things to do with Charlie over the next few days that are as cheap as possible.

Here's my little list:

  • Collect things for an Easter sensory basket, make a orange icing carrot bag - with the icing left over from the cupcakes! chicks, paper cups, Green grass & I want to get some play-eggs and do an egg-hunt in Charlie's big sensory basket, with little treats hidden inside. Use some easter style plungers with some play dough for messy play.

  • Go to the park with his green sensory rubber ball (because it can't roll far!) and his pram. Let him explore.

  • Go to the beach and use his bath turtle sprinklers in the sprinkly sand and his bucket in the wet sand. Use wooden spoons to draw with in the sand.

  • Take him to the childrens section in the library and ask him to pick some books.

  • Do potato shape printing.

  • Use his doll to role play changing a nappy and then move her over to sitting on the potty

  • Buy one of those 'tuff spots' for lots of messy play activities asap!

I also want to make at least one of my vegetarian meals I've been planning since forever - including a butternut squash, sweetcorn & tofu bake, a quorn chicken korma, some sweet potato nut cutlet quinoa burgers, and quinoa cookies.

We also neeeeeeeed Charlie to stay over night next weekend so we can finally start to tackle more of the house work. We've lived here what... 5 months now - and the spare room is piled high with junk to sort out, the garden needs clearing of broken washers and dryers (a lot of it left by the previous owner!) loads and loads of clothes need sorting out and Charlie's room needs to look more like a toddlers room instead of a temporary toddlers storage and sleep space! Siiiigh! I hate house maintenance work! I can't wait until we have a proper spare room though... that'll one day be a new nursery :). Can you tell I'm broody?? :)

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