Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review: Why Charlie loves Bath time fun with Tomy aqua fun turtles.

Tomy Aqua Fun turtles £.14.99

We've been through a few bath time toys, but this one is a super hit with Charlie.

Ten simple & brilliant reasons why Charlie LOVES this toy:

1. He loves the colour green.
2. He discovered a new animal and now loves turtles.
3. There's a "Mammy turtle" and "Baby turtles" he can role play with.
4. The baby turtles are different colours and he calls them "Blue turtle" etc.
5. Mammy turtle has coloured shapes for legs - he likes saying the shapes & sorting them.
6. He can stick the baby turtles to the bath, his bucket, or on mammy turtles back.
7. He can pour water from mammy turtles shell.
8. He can squirt water from the baby turtles at mammy & daddy!
9. Mammy turtles leg-shapes make rain sprinkles when you "scoop" with them.

10. The "scoop" action is the same as he's learning to use with his spoons & forks.

He decided that baby turtles live in the bucket!

Sticking them, unstickig them, saying the colours and counting them!
Why does mammy love this toy? Because there's SO MUCH educational value as well as imaginative play packed into it!

I can imagine the turtles going on little bath adventures when he's older.

10/10 on every scale!

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