Sunday, 2 March 2014

Review: Why Charlie has loved his Toby Tiger rainbow blanket for 20 months!

Charlie's journey from 7 weeks -20 months with his beloved

Before Charlie was born, I chose to buy this particular baby blanket because I love vibrant, bold colours. I knew it'd be soft, but I had absolutely no idea just how incredibly soft. All his relatives commented on the softness and the colours. It's honestly the softest material I've ever felt, which is why Charlie loved it from very young.

It's become his security item. It goes everywhere with him (if it's not there he'll ask "Where banky? Where is it?")

It's also his comforter. When he's banged his head or upset for any reason it'll calm him right down. He sits and rubs it against his face and you can tell immediately how soothed he is.

Now he's 20 months he's started saying the colours he can see on it. It's a beautiful blanket from the amazing Children's clothing company Toby Tiger.

You can buy it here:
Toby Tiger Blanket £24.99
Toby Tiger blanket £24.99

7 weeks

2 months
14 weeks
4 months
5 months
6 months

When he was 6 months I bought him the matching Toby Tiger romper & hat

8 months
10 months (sun shade in the summer!)
His first birthday
His first holiday (13 months)
16 months
17 months
19 months
Today - 20 months :)

20 months
Excuse the evident thumb print on the lens - don't need to tell you how that got there!

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