Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pamper Sunday: Lush Carrot bubble bar (Easter 2014) ; Angels on Bare Skin clenser & Ayesha face mask.

I have oily skin, it gets spotty, it gets greasy, it gets patchy... I did not get lucky with my face skin, it's incredibly hard to control. THIS stuff does everything I want for my face! It brightens, it tones, it absorbs the grease and it soothes away the blotchyness! My skin always feels so refreshed and smooth afterwards. I've tried other cleansers from lush including Ocean Salt (Which I love for the salty refresher zing in the summer) and Let The Good Times Roll.... which does nothing whatsoever for my skin and the smell, which was delicious at first, got boring and too sickly after using it a few times! This is the best cleanser for you, if you have face skin like me!

Angels on Bare Skin £6.35/100g
10/10 for me.

Yes I cleanse my lips! They are skin too!
This smells soooo refreshing and green and healthy! I really love it.
I never buy my face masks because I buy so many other lush products I use the "Bring back 5 pots for a free face mask" offer and get them that way. I've currently switched from Cosmetic Warrior to Aeysha and this smells far better, and the consistency is like a scrub so your face feels extra clean afterwards! It's supposed to tone it and smooth out the lines and wrinkles temporarily so it's great to use before a night out or something :)
Really nice 7/10

Ayesha face mask  £5.95


These carrots really, really REALLY remind me of Cleo's catnip toy!
They smell SO fresh and soapy! I love refreshing smells!
They're supposed to smell fruity and blackcurrenty but they don't really to me... mainly soapy - but nice, luxury soapy!

I held one carrot under the tap - orange water!
Put your thumb over the running tap to create more pressure bubbles!
Tried to swirl it around the bath like it says on the website - but my swirling stalk came off!
My cutlery tray turned bottle holder makes a good carrot stand!
Lovely fresh smelling bubbles!
Made a great relaxing bath.

 Bunch of carrots bubble bar £5.95

Right, now I'll be off supporting Man City playing our rivals Sunderland in the League cup...

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